ChegogginDrawingChegoggin Co-operative, located in beautiful downtown Brampton, is an 11 story apartment building consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom units, with 3 above ground levels of covered parking, onsite laundry facilities and 2 meeting rooms.

Opened in October of 1992, the co-op resides next to the Brampton GO, Train & bus Stations.  Steps away from the Rose Theatre and Gage Park where members can enjoy local festivities such as a farmers market, ice skating, music in the park, etc.  There is always lots to see and do in the Flower City.

Interested in applying for membership?  Simply fill out the online application and email it to us directly or pay us a visit at 11 Church St. W.

Our Wilderness

Once part of the Etobicoke Creek bed, a pie shaped piece of “old growth” at the south east corner of the property is Chegoggin Co-op’s little patch of nature.

The towering Norwegian Maple and Black Walnut top the canopy of our oasis of shade in the summer. Beech and Poplar trees follow in height along with an abundance of Canadian Maples. The horticultural society advised us we have two rare trees, an Ohio Buck-eye and a Red Ash. However, there are no coniferous trees.

A variety of birds visit our feeders and bird bath.  The birds along with the antics of the squirrels keep our wilderness alive. We have raccoons and ground hogs that pop up from time to time. Our piece of pie also seems to be overlapping territory for both a red tailed hawk and a peregrine falcon. The monarch butterflies flight path also crosses our patch of nature. Trilliums, Wedding Veil, Lily of the Valley and numerous wildflowers round out the ground cover. It’s a beautiful slice of Brampton.